Mrs. Moses, Ms. Savoie & Ms. Hamelin

The Grade 4 & 5  have had an exciting year so far and one of the focuses has been  “The World of Work”. Students are learning the importance of time management, cooperative working, using all experiences as opportunities to grow, and to strive for their best.

In October, all the Grade 4 & 5 students learned valuable skills regarding their rights and responsibilities as a member of society. Following a discussion panel that included the majority of the candidates, they participated in a student vote for the municipal election.

In January, we are excited to participate in the Junior Achievement Program for all the Grade 4 & 5 students. The Grade 4 classes will be working on a program called “Technology and Innovation”. They will learned how technologies will impact their future life. The Grade 5 students will work on a program called “More than Money”. They  will explore the role money plays in society, sharing and spending, becoming a smart consumer, and earning by starting a business.

Discussions in our classroom are already started about The Night of the Notables and The Science Fair.