Mme. Cathy’s, Grade 2/3 French Immersion

It has been and continues to be a fun and busy year of learning and we are ready for Spring Break. We have been hard at work all year long becoming more fluent in French, “En français s’il vous plaît!” In Language Arts we are now focusing on writing short stories in both French and English. In Math, we are becoming strong problem-solvers. We are also learning about different cultures by comparing Canada to other countries in the world.  In Science, the students are learning about how sounds are formed and how the ear functions during our Hearing and Sound unit. We also had a great and messy time making our paper maché hot air balloons for the French Immersion art show at the Red Brick Schoolhouse.

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the

 parent volunteers who are helping to make our school

year so enjoyable.  Have a wonderful Spring Break!