News From the Office

News From the Office
Dear Parents,
Thanks to all the wonderful efforts of the parents for the snacks, hot lunches, and picture day. We look forward to your help with the book fair and the Halloween school dance. Remember to check out your child’s agenda and class-room newsletters for more details on our future special days and events.
Just a reminder that our fundraising money from the walkathon goes towards our fieldtrips, guest speakers, plays, and presenters that we have over the school year. Last year we spent over 11,400.00 on all of these activities. The PAC supplements this fund with some of the fundraiser money from the catalogues. Some of the things we did last year through this budget were: HRH play, Pine Grove play, Camp Warwa, Telus World of Science, Pembina Historical Socie-ty, Switzer Park, Camp WoChoAs, Galloway museum, and any bussing to events (swimming, plays, etc.). The largest cost for most of our field trips is in the bussing fees.
Thank you to the Rotary Club and there, “Learn to read, Read to learn” program for providing dictionaries to all of our grade three students. This initiative is appreciated and assists in teaching vocabulary development and spelling to our students.
Stacy McGowan